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Experience Naruko Hot Springs' long history and traditional hospitality
here at Naruko Kankou Hotel

Naruko Hot Springs, where the colorful atmosphere of Northern Japan hot springs are preserved.
This famous hot spring with thousands of years of history has been enchanting the hearts of travellers for centuries.
At Naruko Kankou Hotel, resting on the middle of a gentle slope,
a never-changing gentle atmosphere flows.
While enjoying the beauty of the four seasons,
please feel free to relax your heart.

Naruko Onsen in spring.
During spring, where a warm gentle breeze blows, the sakura trees lining the Yuzawa river puts anyone who visits at ease. Enjoy the coming of the new season. Experience the vast expanse of the rape blossom fields starting May.

Naruko Onsen in summer.
Onsen during the cold winter is good, but there's something good with entering a hot spring during summer, too. Enjoy the season while feeling the gentle wind and gazing at the amazing view of the fresh green scenery.

Naruko Onsen in autumn.
The scenery from Naruko Gorge, famous for its autumnal displays, is breathtaking. Experience the "Three Major Oshu Hot Springs" from Naruko Kankou Hotel at this time of the year.

Naruko Onsen in winter.
The season where we most long for onsens. Enjoy the beautiful snow-covered landscape to your heart's extent at Naruko, surrounded by nature, while soaking in the hot springs.

Rooms that follow
the flow of the seasons

Feel at home in our rooms, enveloped by the clean mountain air and colors of the season. Experience the welcoming atmosphere that we value so much.
Relax as you wish in comfort.

Hot Spring of Beautiful Skin with a history of 400 years.
A private hot spring protected since establishment.

Naruko Hot Springs has 9 of the 11 kinds of hot springs in Japan—a very rare hot spring village.
Since its opening 1,200 years ago during the Heian era,
it has been included in the 3 Oshu famous hot springs (Naruko, Akiho, Iizaka hot springs)
and in the Edo era, the Date clan of Gotenyu is also situated here.
Currently, Naruko's hot spring source is being used for various purposes, including medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Naruko Hot Spring, Ozaki City, Miyagi Prefecture

For travel by train

■Tokyo――Furukawa Tohoku Shinkansen (140 minutes)
■Morioka――Furukawa Tohoku Shinkansen (60 minutes)
■Furukawa――Naruko Rikuu East Line Express (39 minutes)
■Shinjo――Naruko Rikuu East Line Express (57 minutes)
※From Naruko Onsen Station, walk for 2 minutes, pick-up available (reservation required, please inquire)

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